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Who is Mama?

Mama is your adorable cooking companion who pioneered the virtual cooking genre. She also took her skills and trademark how-to style beyond the kitchen with her passion for gardening, crafting, camping, and more! With each new hobby, she teaches you the basics of a variety of lifestyle activities, often with the help of her husband, children (Ichigo and Ringo), and even the rambunctious family dog Max.

Cooking Mama has tons of personality!

With her broken English, anime inspired aesthetic and quirky sense of humor, Mama has won over fans of all ages. While she has an edge, she is wholesome at heart. She expects quality and performance while being a role model and encouraging collaboration as you learn and share.

Cooking Mama is an iconic and endearing character with worldwide recognition:

With games released in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia, the original game is the best-selling third party Nintendo DS game of all time. In fact, the entire franchise has sold more than 13 million units worldwide and includes 15 different games across platforms from DS to 3DS, Wii, iPhone and Facebook since the series’ first 2006 introduction. Mama’s a global phenomenon!

Mama is an Award winner!

  • Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures:
    Gold Medal winner for Best Nintendo DS game at E3 (Family Friendly Gaming)
    Favorite Nintendo DS Game at E3 (Family Friendly Video Games)
  • Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic:
    Gold Medal Winner for best Nintendo 3DS game at E3 (Family Friendly Gaming)
  • Gardening Mama:
    National Parenting Publications Award in 2009
  • Cooking Mama:
    Best Casual Game of E3 2006 (